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Automata helps you build stronger guest relationships and keep your staff coordinated throughout the entire guest journey.
Send automated messages at any point during the reservation with timely information your guest needs to enjoy their stay.

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Create detailed

Create a workflow that maps the entire guest journey, from enquiry to check-out. Then set up triggers and messages to automatically perform the tasks for you. Automata does the rest.

  • Send booking confirmation details.
  • Send pre-arrival instructions at anytime prior to guest arrival.
  • Send post-check-in notifications anytime after your guest arrives.
  • Send pre-departure and check-out instructions anytime before your guest leaves.
  • Send post-departure follow-up messages to encourage a positive review after your guest leaves.
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Go beyond the booking

Creating a great guest experience is all about communication. Keeping your guests informed is the best way to manage expectations and reduce confusion. Automata helps you do that with the most detailed message scheduling and templating features on the market.

  • Send your messages via email, SMS, or channel API.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Airbnb messaging.
  • Automatically customize your message to the guest.
  • Dynamically include rental-specific and booking-specific information.
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Automata integrations with vacation rental software

Lots of features to
get it right

Messaging is at the core of Automata, but there are many more features to help you save time and do more.

  • Integrate with other APIs through Automata's powerful, built-in HTTP functionality.
  • Automatically detect missing details in your guest information and send a request to them.
  • Send your messages in the native language of your guests, automatically.
  • Use custom codes and the Tokeet data dictionary to bring your messages to life.
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Set up is quick and easy

Automata was designed to be simple to set up and get started. Use our setup wizard and workflow templates to start automating your tasks in minutes. Even better, message one of our customer support reps to help you get it right.

You can begin creating automated booking processes for Airbnb, Booking.com, and any other channels connected to your Tokeet account within minutes.

Automata is part of the Tokeet suite, so a Tokeet account is required.

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Automata short-term rental software integrations

Connect Automata to
your business

Link Automata with the apps you already use and love. Automata integrates natively with the entire Tokeet suite of products. Plus, with our Zapier and IFTTT integrations, you can integrate Automata with a vast number of other applications and services.

If you need a custom integration, simply use Automata's HTTP features to build a codeless connection to any service accessible via a Restful API.

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